Executive Producer

Josh Miller is an award-winning writer/producer and President of Panacea Entertainment, a Canadian independent film and television production company based in Edmonton, Alberta.
Celebrating his 26th year in the film & TV industry, Josh has produced projects in a wide variety of formats and genres, including feature films, dramatic series & TV movies, children’s live-action & animated series, factual & lifestyle series and award-winning social documentaries.

Josh has served as Vice Presidentof the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Alumni Association and President of the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association. He also served on the Board of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and is a former Chair of the Edmonton International Film Festival Society.

Reflections on the Making of Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock

“When we came up to the Yukon to shoot, my eyes were completely opened; I just wanted to drink it all in.”

“Anash has got action, adventure, danger-- all of those things that you’d want if you’re watching a quest story; yet it is completely unique in both its look and its cultural roots.”


Born in Teslin, Yukon, of the Inland Tlingit people, Carol’s first major film, Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, won a Silver Medal for Educational Documentary in San Francisco and set her on an award-winning career in the industry. Since then Geddes, a now internationally acclaimed filmmaker and writer, has produced 25 documentary films and television programs. Her second major film, Picturing A People, won an Outstanding Achievement Award and a Gemini nomination for the Best Canadian Documentary in 1997. Whether writing, producing or directing, her prolific output has highlighted the stories and struggles of Aboriginal life in Canada. Her latest film, the animation Two Winters: Tales From Above the Earth won nine national and international awards. In 2002, Geddes was the recipient of the Queen’s Royal Jubilee Medal for her outstanding contributions to the cultural community. She has served on the Teslin Tlingit Council; The Yukon Heritage Resources Board; the Canadian Council for the Arts; the Yukon Human Rights Commission; the Canadian Conference of the Arts; the National Film Board of Canada; and the Women in Media Foundation.

Reflections on the Making of Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock

“Being Tlingit really influenced these stories. For one thing, I felt a driving need to bring out aspects of Tlingit culture that have been hidden for many, many years.”

“My social responsibility takes a different form, and that is in helping young people understand who they are and how valuable they are..."

Creative Team

KIM CLEGG, Director of Animation
Kim is a motion FX designer with over 16 years in the industry, and along with his award winning team at Rat Creek Design, specializes in motion graphics for broadcast television, including art direction; show packaging; compositing; 2D/ 3D animation; visual effects; and DVD design and authoring.

JOHN SPOONER, CSC, Cinematographer
John won an Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for his work on the miniseries Dreamkeeper. This is his third collaboration with Josh Miller, having filmed the feature Intern Academy, and the TV series Mentors.

Susan McCallum is a well-known artist who has lived and worked among the Tlingit people for over two decades. Her vibrant depictions are infused with the authentic essence of the subjects themselves, resulting in an art of unusual integrity as well as beauty. McCallum's work has been featured in productions created by Sesame Street (Children's Television Workshop) and the National Film Board as well as various print publications. In addition to her studio work, McCallum is a popular Artist in Residence at many Vancouver schools.


KEITH-YIN SUN, Myth Animation Art Director / Lead Illustrator
An artist with innate creative genius, Keith has seamlessly blended western and Asian conceptual styles into unique animations. He has designed for feature film projects in Hong Kong, and for TV projects in Canada.

For 25 years, Doug has placed his technical and aesthetic judgment at the creative team’s service. Among his numerous credits are the feature Intern Academy, the series A Total Write-Off, the docudrama Catching the Chameleon, and the TV series Mentors.

Donovan is known for his scores for the Telus World of Science (Odyssium) in Alberta. His music often incorporates a variety of North American Native instruments samples, reflecting the First People’s heritage of sky watching and astronomy. He scored an award-winning soundscape for Two Winters: Tales From Above the Earth. His CDs include Far From Earth, Past Works, and Terraform.